Fit for any Royal Wedding, Kidwelly castle!

Fit for any Royal Wedding, Kidwelly castle!

Did you watch it? I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t get much further than a quick glance at “The Royal Wedding” since I was preparing for a different wedding, here, we held our “Royal” wedding in a castle in West Wales. It may have been a little smaller than Harry and Megan’s, but today’s wedding certainly had one or two things in common with the better known event!

So, what does the wedding of Sherarah Sheranizadah and Steven Griffiths have in common with that “Royal Wedding” of Harry and Megan?

Castle Weddings Rock!

The most obvious is….they were both held in castles! Ours was Kidwelly castle to be precise, overlooking Carmarthen bay in Carmarthenshire, West Wales. This is a beautiful setting, as it’s a ruin which dates back to the 12th Century. Its stones may be crumbling, but there is so much history bound up in those walls you can’t help but be affected by it. How many ceremonies have been held here over the years, how many couples have come to this castle with that “just married” shine in their eyes?

Kidwelly Castle from the inside, ready for the wedding

Welsh Weddings, Harps and more!

Harry and Megan’s wedding also had links with Wales, of course. Albeit a tenuous one dating back over 700 years. Ours was very much more direct, with the groom, Steven, having been brought up in Llanelli and most of his family (as far as I know!) still living there! I noticed Welsh music in Windsor, Bread of heaven I think it was. They had a harpist at the beginning of their wedding, but at ours she was the star! Angharad Edwards played solos as well as traditional Welsh love songs during the reading. She also made a fabulous job of accompanying a guest, Mary-Lynne, as she sang her own words to the tune “Waltzing Matilda”, which leads to the next aspect the two weddings had in common…….

Angharad Edwards, our harpist did a great job!

Two Cultures Come Together!

Well, three in fact! Steve is Welsh, he and his family speak Welsh, and Sherry came to Australia from Iran when she was ten, and her parents speak Farsi (as does she, but not as much!). They both live in Australia so we celebrated all three coming together by….

Having a reading, “Mi Gerddaf Gyda Ti” in the three languages, read by the two fathers and a friend…

Having the fabulous self-penned song sung by Australian friend Mary-Lynne to the tune of “Waltzing Matilda”.

Having a hand-fasting ceremony using ribbons in red, green and white which just happen to be the colours of the two countries, Wales and Iran


We can do “Designer”!

Also….… the fashion! Yes! We were “designer! Sherry wore a beautiful off the shoulder dress, certainly with aspects in common with Ms. Markel’s! Unfortunately your celebrant has NO idea who designed it! What I do know, is she had DROP DEAD shoes on!  These are from Salvatore Ferragamo, and were spectacular! (I reckon she should have had the slit up the front of the dress to show off the shoes!)

Those shoes!


Most Important, Everybody loved Both ceremonies!

Finally, what these weddings had in common was everybody seemed to have a great time! Harry and Megan’s visiting American preacher seemed to be just about as passionate about his subject as I was mine (it’s all about the love!) and I’m delighted to tell you that Sherry and Steven were as full of smiles and the joy of their love as they posed for photos and relaxed with friends and family as Harry and Megan were on leaving their castle!

Bride and groom in Kidwelly castle

Missing them already! Sherry, Steven and me