Funeral Ceremony in Wales

Celebrating Life

The aim of a “Treasured” Funeral Ceremony is to capture the very essence of the person you have lost, and tell the story of the life that they lived. I hope this will bring you comfort in your sadness. I will listen as you tell me about your loved one, recording their story with the greatest respect for your grief.

7th April 2020 : Covid-19

We’re currently in “Lockdown” and the situation with funerals is changing. Currently up to ten people are allowed in most local crematoria. I’m still taking funerals having “met” with families online or by telephone.  We may have no choice but to have just two mourners or even none at a funeral. I’ve written about what we can do to say farewell here.

Why contact Treasured Ceremonies?

I will help to create a truly personal funeral ceremony that is exactly as you wish it to be. Most people want to “celebrate the life” that has been lost. However, this can mean many different things. For some, they literally want a celebratory, light hearted atmosphere. Others will find this inappropriate, and would hope for more “gravitas”. It is vital, therefore, that I capture what best suits you on this important day.

I’m a member of the Institute of Civil Funerals. I follow their code of conduct and the quality of my work is assessed by them regularly.

And time remembered is grief forgotten,
And frosts are slain and flowers begotten,
And in green underwood and cover
Blossom by blossom the spring begins.

Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837 – 1909) from Atlanta in Calyden (1865)

Where can you hold a funeral?

Most people have a simple ceremony in a crematorium. However, I have held a celebration of life in a hotel, a village hall and of course chapels of rest. Treasured Ceremonies has also been asked to officiate natural burials on private land and in a natural burial ground. Therefore, you can choose where you hold your ceremony, and I and your funeral director can help and advise you.

What is the procedure if you use Treasured Ceremonies to officiate?

We will meet to discuss the funeral fully. If you want to create your own tribute or have friends and family giving eulogies, I can act as a facilitator, and MC. Otherwise, I will learn about the person who has died. Following the meeting, I will write the script in full and send you a copy to approve. You can make as many changes as you like, to ensure the tone as well as content is right. I will give you a full copy of the ceremony in a presentation folder afterwards. I can make suggestions for readings and music, or of course you can provide your own.

Some celebrants are “humanist”, but I have no religious agenda. This means that you can include any words or music in your ceremony that will bring you comfort. I shall follow your lead on this completely, but can make suggestions regarding content whether it’s of a religious nature or not. Generally, I will construct a ceremony with your input regarding poems, music, prayers and so on. If you would prefer me to take complete control of the ceremony content, I will. However, if you simply need me as an MC to facilitate your content that is also fine.

My inclusivity policy ensures that the language i use, including pronouns, will be entirely appropriate

My qualification to conduct funeral ceremonies is the Level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy (QCF)

I am a member of the Institute of Civil Funerals (IoCF)

Please contact me to discuss your wishes, or pass on my details to your funeral director if you prefer them to contact me.

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