Celebrant Weddings in Wales

“Not only is Helen kind, patient, and warm, but also funny, creative, and full of joy – all of which came through during our ceremony”




Naming Ceremonies in Wales

“Helen was warm friendly and professional and in a short space of time learnt the little things that are unique to my family.”




Celebrating Life

“Helen was sympathetic but not afraid to keep things light and we were able to discuss the service/eulogy by remembering all the good things.”




Hi, I’m Helen

“We” are a team of celebrants who create wedding ceremonies for beautiful people in France and in Wales. As for “me”; I’ll admit to being “a woman of a certain age”, but I still aspire to be some sort of athlete, good dog owner and get my “children” to speak to me rather than message. Having moved to France in September 2021, I suspect my wine consumption has gone up – but it’s of a better quality dahlink! I’ve conducted weddings in Wales for the past six years, and long ago realised something I want to share with you, just as life is too short for dull wine……..

Life’s too short for dull ceremonies!

Life is great, let’s celebrate it whether you’re at the beginning, the middle or nearer the end of yours!


Whatever brought you here organising a wedding, naming, renewal of vows or a funeralthis is the start of recognising the most important part of your day. The ceremony.

Wedding Ceremonies & Renewal of Vows

What does it mean to have a personalised wedding ceremony, or renewal of vows? Well, we can reflect on your romance, your life together so far and so on.

But, let’s go further! I want to dig deep, find out who you are, what makes you tick; more to the point, what makes you tick together!

Naming Ceremonies

What better reason to celebrate than having a new addition to your family? Is a simple “celebration” enough, though? If religious traditions, such as a christening, aren’t your thing, why not have a fabulous “naming” or “welcoming” ceremony?

This can be for a new-born, or is just as meaningful a couple of years later. As the child grows, he or she will know this was a special day, a day just for them.

Funeral Ceremonies

In this most difficult, emotional of times, I shall take the time to listen as you recall your thoughts, feelings and memories of the one you have lost.

I shall visit you at your home, or a place which you choose, and create a ceremony in celebration of the life of the person for whom you mourn.

Treasured Ceremonies will create the perfect ceremony whatever, and wherever, the occasion.

I promise today to be your best friend, your companion and your number one, the Han Solo to your Leia.

I will be there for you through the good times, amazing times & awesome times. But importantly the difficult times

I vow to love you no less than I love the dog

I promise that I will never take you for granted, and always hold your hand

You are everything I always wanted, but all the things I never knew I needed. Simply put, loving you altered my chemistry.

Let's create special memories together

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