Elope in France!

When you elope in France…

“The vows you will make on this beautiful morning are pure and unadulterated, written only for each other’s hearing…”

An Elopement Ceremony – just for you

So you’re going to Elope in France. Just you two, sharing your love and promises of commitment somewhere extraordinary.

Somewhere in France

The Sun setting over the sea at Narbonne
The view from Chateau de Queribus
Minerve from below

Why an elopement ceremony?


…you shudder at the thought of the razzmatazz of a traditional wedding ceremony

…your perfect ceremony is just you and your partner in an intimate space

…you want the adventure of holding your ceremony in a wild space

…you want a simple, private, heartfelt ceremony

…an elopment ceremony is just “you”


Allow me to hold the space as you make your promises to each other when you elope in France

We find a resting place in those we love

and we provide a resting place in ourselves

for those who love us


St Bernard de Clairvaux


Why Elope in France?

Picture yourselves in a space. Within this space are held your shared memories and your dreams for the future. Now look around this imaginary space. Do you see sunbaked olive groves and vineyards? Or do the sides of a gorge rise up sheltering you in its strong embrace? Are you in a tiny village where your voices echo faintly along the narrow streets as you make your promises to each other? Or is the bright blue Mediterreanean Sea calling you to take off your shoes and have your ceremony barefoot in her sands? Perhaps you’re on a Pyrénéen mountainside where the wild flowers are more beautiful than any bridal bouquet, or where the brightest of white snows reflect the purity of your love!

Your elopement in France has all of this – and more – to offer. Combine the right place with the right celebrant, and the rest will fall into place.

How to Elope in France

It’s really very straight forward to elope in France;

Firstly, you’ll contact me!

You’ll hold your formal, legal wedding ceremony in your home country, then come out to France where I’ll meet you on your wedding day with your photographer (if you want one).

It will be a weekday, and if in a public place quite early in the day before the crowds gather.

I will have had conversations with you and written your ceremony for you. You’ll have written your promises to each other, with my help if you’d like it.

You’ll celebrate your ceremony with some bubbly (or maybe vin chaud if we’re in the mountains!)

You’ll enjoy the rest of your day celebrating your future, knowing the ceremony you just held will be with you forever.




Renewal of vows

Don’t forget that this works beautifully for a renewal of vows. Have a private ceremony within the holiday your promised yourselves to make your anniversary more special.

Contact me to decide how we can make your special day perfect.

wedding celebrant in south of France between laughing bride and groom with flower arch behind

I promise today to be your best friend, your companion and your number one, the Han Solo to your Leia.

I will be there for you through the good times, amazing times & awesome times. But importantly the difficult times

I vow to love you no less than I love the dog

I promise that I will never take you for granted, and always hold your hand

You are everything I always wanted, but all the things I never knew I needed. Simply put, loving you altered my chemistry.

Let's create special memories together

Get in touch to start our journey to the perfect ceremony