Free Advice! AKA My Baby’s Getting Married!

Free Advice for couples who didn’t have the foresight to book a Celebrant.   AKA…OMG my baby’s getting married!   Here comes another blog motivated by a huge life event….my son’s just announced his engagement!   OK, nothing unusual there I hear you...

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May 19th, Not JUST a Royal Wedding!

May 19th, 2018, ROYAL WEDDING DAY! Did you watch it? I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t get much further than a quick glance at "The Royal Wedding" since I was preparing for a different wedding, here, we held our "Royal" wedding in a castle in West Wales. It may have...

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Funeral for my Mother

Creating a funeral for my mother was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but a Catholic mass with a tribute by her children proved perfect.

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Love My Dress Blog!

The beautiful people at Lovemydress have featured a "Treasured Ceremony". Why not have a look for yourself, noting the bride's comments; In the Lovemydress article,...

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Funeral for a Friend

When I was asked to help prepare a funeral for an old friend I was flattered and we set to work long before his death finally arrived.

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Ceremonies and Symbolism: Lighting Candles

Creating a ceremony with rituals that evoke a deeper sense of meaning and connectedness will ensure a truly unforgettable experience for you and those you love. As mentioned in my previous blogs, adding symbolic elements to a special day is the perfect way to put your...

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Ceremonies and Symbolism: Sand Pouring

Introducing symbolism into your ceremony is a powerful way to make the day truly ‘your own’. I touched on this in my last blog, exploring the powerful ritual of ‘handfasting’. You can borrow rituals from other traditions – or create your own symbolic gestures to...

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Ceremonies and Symbolism; Hand-fasting.

  Symbolism in your Ceremony Let's talk about symbolism in your wedding! Starting with the hand-fasting ceremony, an old ritual which I love to adapt for a modern wedding. Part 1 Hand-fasting “Normally I find weddings boring but what you did was fantastic - it...

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A Beach Wedding in Wales

    The cold of Winter can create the most wonderful backdrops for weddings, picture frosty hillsides and glowing hearths. But I can’t help thinking back to the beach weddings of 2016 and reflecting on the sheer fun and freedom of it all. Beach weddings are, of...

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My First Few Funeral Ceremonies, Looking Back

I'd forgotten that I started blogging on Google, and have found this post relating to when I started doing funeral ceremonies. I called it, simply, "Being a celebrant". It still surprises me how often people in West Wales tell me they didn't know that there is an...

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A Treasured Ceremony at Fforest Camp

July saw the wedding of Helen Rose and Alex Seal. This was my first of two of this year’s weddings to be officiated at Fforest, and I was incredibly pleased to have been asked. Fforest has always been one of my favourite Pembrokeshire (or is it in Ceredigion? It’s on...

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