Guess what? This beautiful Castle wedding has been blogged about no less than THREE times, including my own blog, of course! “Emily and Jay’s Rustic Destination Wedding in  the coastal town of Tenby” is the latest.

The Blog

This one is from “Zank You”, click on the link to see it. Once more, the pictures used from “From the daisies” are stunning. They show Megan and Claude’s set to a “T”, and such is the artistry of Forbesfield Florist, the flowers look as though they belong in Manorbier castle chapel where the ceremony was held. The chairs were provided by them; what a dramatic contrast to the pretty plain white ones the venue provide otherwise.   Just Imagine… Weddings and events pulled the whole event together to create an apparently seamless day. By the way, they gave contact details for three celebrants. Emily and Jay interviewed us separately by Skype, so I was obviously delighted to be the celebrant chosen to work with them.

My Take on it

You may be surprised to read that I don’t consider myself perfect! (Yes, I’m being ironic!). As a professional celebrant, I find it useful to look at wedding photographs and videos when possible with a critical eye. This one, although I’m intensely proud of it, is no exception. Within the blog is written, “Emily and Jay tied the knot in an intimate and emotive ceremony”, I think it would be fair for me to take much of the credit for that! However, a glance at one of the pictures shows me looking down at my script, rather than up at Emily as she walks down the aisle. Now, I’m sure no-one was looking at me at that point, but you can bet I’ll be looking straight at the brides as they enter from now on! To be fair, I think that my bowed head adds to the intensity of Jay’s expression, so no harm done!

The look of love in his eyes!

And Finally….

One thing about this blog that made me giggle…I’m not sure I’d call this venue “Rustic”; it’s a medieval castle! Still a lovely blog yet again bringing the castle, Tenby and Wales to an international audience.

I’ve written my own blog comparing this wedding with another, read more about it here;