The Nurture Show earlier this year was a new kind of event for me. I’ve been to wedding fairs to talk about my couples ceremonies but this was a day all about conceiving, giving birth to and nurturing babies and children, so I was talking to the parents about naming ceremonies. The genuinely caring nature of all the stand holders was obvious, most of the parents were carrying their little ones in slings of some sort or another, and everyone was relaxed and happy to be there. (Unlike wedding fairs where many of the men are there under duress!).

I was fortunate when I had my two in that I was very fit, understood my body and had access to a good NCT group which helped me have “good” births for them both (i.e. No drugs, no real trauma!). I’d have loved to have had access to some of the groups I saw today, such as the “Mama Tunes Singing”, Baby yoga and baby swimming sessions when my children were small.

I can honestly say, I also wish that I’d been able to have a naming ceremony for Alex and Charlie rather than christenings. I will admit now that I did have pangs of guilt having them christened in a church but I knew I wanted to do something special to introduce them to my wider family and friends, and I wanted them to have adults special to them (“Godparents”). Now, I would have a naming ceremony, and leave it to them to decide whether they wanted to join a church later in life. And I’d have called their special adults…..Guideparents? Significant adults? No, I favour “Odd parents”, definitely!

Baby naming ceremonies are a wonderful opportunity to introduce your baby “officially” to your wider family and friends. People often ask for sand pouring or candle lighting activities to enhance the significance of the day. On the day featured in the little film clip, the family did both, so little brother was involved and baby Harriet had her own candle to remember her special day as well as having the “sand sculpture” made in her name. The parents and Guide parents all made their promises to Harriet, grandparents were also involved showing their support. This ceremony was held in the Emlyn Arms in Newcastle Emlyn, any venue is suitable, from a grand hotel to your own home. What’s important is having a day to remember.