What does a wedding celebrant cost?

I wonder whether your first question to a florist, or a wedding dress boutique, or even a venue is “what do you cost”? So, perhaps “what does a wedding celebrant cost” isn’t the right opening question for a celebrant! Perhaps, “what can you do to make my day perfect?” is the better question. Once you’ve established you’ve found the right celebrant, ask them what they cost!


Believe me, that phrase “How much?” has worked both ways for me. I’ll never forget the wonderful lady who booked me for a renewal of vows ceremony. I told her my price having discussed her ceremony with her. She promptly refused to pay it, adding that she’d be paying £250.00 more than I asked for! She runs her own business and values time and experience!

Plenty of other couples book me at my asking price without batting an eyelid. But then there are those who will simply look at the price and say, “for 30-40 minutes work?”, “HOW MUCH?!”

But, I’m proud of how I work and know I give value, so click here if you want to know, but please keep reading to understand what’s behind the price!

What we do

So, what are you paying for when you book your celebrant? I’ve decided to make this personal; this is how I see my “value”.

Starting with the visible stuff;

Meet and sign up

  • After your initial enquiry, we’ll meet, usually online. There’s no limit on the time the meeting takes, and we often bounce around ideas for your ceremony even at this early stage.
  • Once you’re signed up for a Treasured Ceremonies wedding I (or maybe Jodie or Clare) will keep in touch to a greater or lesser extent, depending on your needs. A few months before the wedding we will send you a questionnaire to start to delve deeper into “who you are” and follow this up with an in-depth chat.
A book of readings for weddings

I like to give this book of readings to all my couples

No templates

  • You will not be offered any sort of template. Within our meeting(s) we will run ideas for your ceremony past you, such as different types of symbolism (or none at all!) As an experienced celebrant, I would much rather make suggestions based on what I’ve learned about you than simply present you with a list of what’s available.
  • I research, plan and create your ceremony. I have never written a book. But from listening to authors speak, I know that the book rarely “just flows”. There are first drafts and re-writes. Believe me, this is often how it is with my ceremonies! So, the fee covers the fact that I may not get it right first time, but this is because I want it to be perfect for you!
  • I’ll coach you through writing your own vows if you’d like me to but will write them on your behalf if you insist!
  • I’ve got a huge “armoury” of readings at my disposal to suggest, and I’ll even give you a book of over 100 readings to keep! My couples are delighted to receive this if they’ve been stuck for ideas. It often acts as a bouncing off point to look further.

The following video illustrates (I hope!) the lack of template and personalisation of a wedding ceremony!


On the day

  • Look, I’m a pro! I’m confident that I can hold your ceremony space for you, and you will feel relaxed and happy with me leading proceedings on the day. You really don’t need to spend the extra money, but if you want a rehearsal, we can negotiate!
  • I present your ceremony. My “life skills” bring the confidence I need to make the ceremony exceptional.
  • You’re the stars of the show, but I can’t help being “front and centre” as well! I will be dressed appropriately, by which I mean considering your vibe when I choose my outfit, whilst at the same time being “me”! I really, really don’t go online for a cheap selection of outfits to take me through the season. Neither do I expect you to fund a designer wardrobe! I head for the small boutiques and buy quality in the sales at reduced prices!
  • If we need a PA system (for an outdoor ceremony for instance) I’ll provide it.
  • If there are other suppliers to co-ordinate with, I’m on it.

The stuff you don’t see (AKA the boring bits!)

All the above concerns your day directly. But what about what goes on behind the scenes? OK, a quick overview of what it takes;

  • You’ll be pleased to hear I’m professionally insured against accidents at your wedding!
  • How did you find me? I pay for membership of professional directories and of course for my own website. Don’t forget “time is money” and it takes time to keep these digital spaces up to date.
  • I keep myself updated professionally. Do you want your celebrant to have learned everything they know several years ago and then rest on their laurels thereafter? It’s important for me to know the current trends within the industry so I keep myself educated!
  • Which reminds me, I’m professionally trained, and am a member of the Institute of Civil Funerals which provides my insurance but also represents me and keeps me up to date with what’s happening in the world of celebrancy.
  • The previous three points are “Business costs”. This is a business. I’m a full-time celebrant. I pay tax and National Insurance. I maintain a car. If wedding celebrants are unable to charge a price reflecting all of the above, our lovely couples won’t get the ceremonies they’re looking for. The ceremonies you deserve.

So, when you contact me and lead with the question, “How Much?”, please don’t be surprised when I answer with a counter question asking when we can talk. Because you must prioritise getting the right celebrant over the cost of your celebrant. Then you’ll get the ceremony of your dreams, and the most memorable wedding day possible!

Please click here if you’d like to know more about how we at Treasured Ceremonies can help make your day perfect (I promise, it’s a bargain!)