Ceremonies and Symbolism: Sand Pouring

Introducing symbolism into your ceremony is a powerful way to make the day truly ‘your own’. I touched on this in my last blog, exploring the powerful ritual of ‘handfasting’. You can borrow rituals from other traditions – or create your own symbolic gestures to...

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Ceremonies and Symbolism; Hand-fasting.

Symbolism in your Ceremony Part 1 Hand-fasting Ceremony “Normally I find weddings boring but what you did was fantastic - it really felt it belonged to me”. Within this article I'm going to share my own experience of a ritual which couples are asking for more...

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A Beach Wedding in Wales

    The cold of Winter can create the most wonderful backdrops for weddings, picture frosty hillsides and glowing hearths. But I can’t help thinking back to the beach weddings of 2016 and reflecting on the sheer fun and freedom of it all. Beach weddings are, of...

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My First Few Funeral Ceremonies, Looking Back

I'd forgotten that I started blogging on Google, and have found this post relating to when I started doing funeral ceremonies. I called it, simply, "Being a celebrant". It still surprises me how often people in West Wales tell me they didn't know that there is an...

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A Treasured Ceremony at Fforest Camp

July saw the wedding of Helen Rose and Alex Seal. This was my first of two of this year’s weddings to be officiated at Fforest, and I was incredibly pleased to have been asked. Fforest has always been one of my favourite Pembrokeshire (or is it in Ceredigion? It’s on...

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Naming Ceremonies: Last Minute Changes? No Problem!

Naming Ceremonies; Last minute changes? No Problem! I’ve talked elsewhere about the “why’s and wherefores” of naming ceremonies so this is simply a sharing of description and images to show the recent naming ceremony of Isla Seren McCaig in Carmarthen. The venue was...

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A Christmas Wedding at Rhosygilwen

Garod and Kirsty’s New Year’s Eve Wedding. I can’t believe we’re nearly half way through the year already! Looking at these pictures, it's hard to imagine the cold, damp New Year’s Eve on which Garod and Kirsty had their wedding celebration ceremony. The weather...

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Wedding in a Week!

On the second Saturday of this year I received an email from a chap called Richard asking whether I could perform a wedding within 6 days. His friend David and David’s fiancée Alyson had “been trying for a long time to get married” and could I call him that evening?...

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The Need for Ceremony

A lifetime of ceremonies has given me the conviction that creating the right ceremony at the right time, whether for a birth, coming of age, marriage or death, follows a basic human instinct. In the absence of religious rituals, this need can be fulfilled by the use...

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Seasonal Celebrations & Other Stories

Exciting times! I’ve been asked by a lovely couple to create their wedding celebration ceremony for them to be held on New Year’s Eve! They had planned to use a registrar, but there’s only one available on that day so they couldn’t book the time they wanted. However,...

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A Uniquely Traditional Wedding

A Uniquely Traditional Wedding Why would someone who wants a traditional wedding choose to have a celebrant - led wedding? And did it feel like a "real" wedding to everyone there? Read on: "At the end of July I was celebrant for a gorgeous wedding in Haverfordwest, at...

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Baby Naming, Choices for New Parents

The Nurture Show earlier this year was a new kind of event for me. I've been to wedding fairs to talk about my couples ceremonies but this was a day all about conceiving, giving birth to and nurturing babies and children, so I was talking to the parents about naming...

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The Perfect Resting Place

Yesterday, Friday 10th July I officiated at the funeral of a lady in a little village between Newcastle Emlyn and Aberporth. I met Ron, her husband, and her daughter and son a few days before the ceremony (as normal) and created the ceremony (as normal). But that's...

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Is A Funeral A Celebration of Life?

I think I'm going to gatecrash a few funerals when I feel like being cheered up. This in response to the excellent article written by John Kelly and published in the Guardian. It reflects the move in recent times to see a funeral as a "time to be joyful" and a...

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