Moody Castle Wedding in Wales with Overgrown Florals

Sorry, but I can’t help being excited when a “Treasured Ceremony” is written about on a blog! The more that’s out there about these great “Moody Castle” celebrant weddings in Wales, the better!

This beautiful blog features awesome pictures of Emily and Jay’s wedding at Manorbier castle. I believe that the photographer, Stephanie of “From the Daisies” wrote the piece. She travelled over from the USA, no less, to take these fabulous shots! I think that it’s part of Stephanie’s ambition to travel the world, so she makes this clear on her website that if your venue is within her “Wish list”, she may do a deal. Guess what? she wanted to visit Wales!

Photographer’s technique.

I remember being in the room with Stephanie, Emily and Jay after the ceremony when she took the photographs of them on the carpet and next to the windows. It was fascinating to see how she captured their personalities and film -star looks as well as the beauty of the venue. Responsible for the “overgrown florals” were Forbesfield and Megan and Claude designed the whole set.

Personal Touch

The comments from Emily within the blog are a nice touch as well. This was a very intimate wedding. The rings were presented in an old powder compact of Emily’s Grandmother, and they were blessed by the assembled friends and family. The mothers took part in the ceremony and both families were obviously already great friends.

Me with Emily and Jay, after the ceremony

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