Wedding Ceremony in Wales

“Now comes the knitting, the tying, entwining into one, Mysterious involvement of two, whole, separate people Into something altogether strange and changing, new and lovely…..”Rowena Edlin-White


You’re going to have a wedding! To put it another way, you have decided to declare your love for your partner publicly through marriage. The next step is to decide how you are going to formalise this declaration. A registrar can perform the marriage in a register office or in a licensed venue, or you can have a religious ceremony. Another option is to have your own bespoke ceremony with me as your celebrant.

There are many reasons that you may decide to have a celebrant–led ceremony.

  • You want a personalised wedding ceremony. One which is unique to you and which everyone will remember as the highlight of your day.
  • If you got married or formed your partnership in an exotic location abroad, you may want a ceremony back home.
  • There is somewhere special where you want to get married but it doesn’t have a licence for a registrar.
  • You want the same hymn in your wedding ceremony that your parents sung. In a registrar-led ceremony you are not allowed any religious content – including hymns!
  • You’ve always dreamed that your wedding ceremony will be outside in the setting Summer Sun.
  • You’re an alternative couple with specialist requirements for your day.

Together we can make your celebration a ceremony with words and deeds fit for the occasion.

How do the couple’s celebrations work?

Couples having a wedding ceremony ideally become legally married first. This is generally done on the morning of their celebration or a few days before the ceremony conducted with Treasured Ceremonies.

A legal wedding ceremony has certain restrictions on it such as where the ceremony can be held and what the content may be. There are no such restrictions when I design your ceremony. You can write your own poetry to recite or choose from the selection I can provide. If there is a hymn you would like or a religious text, we can have it within your ceremony; everything is possible.

I can help you choose symbolic gestures to add to the beauty and relevance of your ceremony. These can range from simple candle-lighting to spectacular sand-pouring, jumping the broomstick, hand-fasting….the scope to make the ceremony your own is infinite!

Alternatively, you can use me to personalise your registrar ceremony, (once the registrar has left the building) so you get the legal AND the bespoke ceremony on the same day, at the same venue.


Commitment Celebration

Some couples decide to formalise their relationship without becoming legally married. I can help you create a beautiful Commitment Ceremony which will leave no-one in any doubt of your dedication to each other.


Wedding Anniversaries

Celebrate a special anniversary by renewing vows which you have written with the hindsight of a happy marriage. How better to celebrate than to bring friends and family together to witness such a special occasion? Whether you want a small intimate affair or a grand celebration, let me guide you through a ceremony to reflect your life together.

If you would like to investigate this way of sealing your partnership, please contact me.