July saw the wedding of Helen Rose and Alex Seal. This was my first of two of this year’s weddings to be officiated at Fforest, and I was incredibly pleased to have been asked. Fforest has always been one of my favourite Pembrokeshire (or is it in Ceredigion? It’s on the border!) places with its glamping, woods, open spaces and river.  Helen had taken Alex to see Fforest when they were on holiday at his parents’ cottage, I think she was trying to give him a hint; it worked and he proposed two days later!

Rather than rapsodise over the beauty of the couple, the venue, the crowd….I’m going to the pictures taken by Pete Cranston https://petecranston.zenfolio.com/ and let them do the talking.

Helen’s father agrees to his daughter’s marriage (N.B. no, he didn’t “give her away”!)

I had to remind Helen to breath when she arrived at the front of the tipee tent!

I reckon there are tears in those eyes as Alex reads his personal vows to Helen.

This candle symbolised the love Helen and Alex have for each other and the support of all of their family and friends. Here their parents light wicks from the central wick which Helen and Alex had just lit together.

The Caradog String Quartet played beautifully. Helen was played in to “Gabriel’s Oboe” by Ennio Morricone, and they played “Stand By Me” as the candle was lit.

In most Treasured Ceremony weddings, the peak of the ceremony is the saying of vows, but I’d say one of the highlights of this one was everybody singing “It Must Be Love” by Madness! Having the orchestra helped, but as this was the end of the ceremony I think that the guests had by now really caught the atmosphere and the joy of the event and everybody sung along with gusto!

The singing was the final climax, and all that remained was to announce that this beautiful couple were married………..

…and applaud them as they made their way from the wedding tipee………..

out into the sunshine, where there was even a hug for the celebrant!

Here’s a selection of photos of the venue and party. This is a camping site, but the bridal party prepare in the farmhouse as you can see from the picture of the bridal gown. I loved the lace adorning the dining area; with the china tea service and bunting it looked so pretty! As you can see, Fforest has huge potential for unusual photographic backdrops!

Finally, after the event, Helen sent me a lovely text, which I put with the image she sent with the message:

I hope you enjoyed this account of a wonderful, bespoke wedding, please share and comment!