Exciting times! I’ve been asked by a lovely couple to create their wedding celebration ceremony for them to be held on New Year’s Eve! They had planned to use a registrar, but there’s only one available on that day so they couldn’t book the time they wanted. However, now they have discovered the personal nature of the ceremony they will have with me as their celebrant, they’re chuffed to bits that none were available at the time they wanted. They will, of course have to use a registrar at some point in order to be legally married and this will be done during the week before at their local register office.

Which leads me to thinking; what other reasons may there be for choosing a celebrant for your wedding celebration ceremony? I feel a list coming on……

  • You want a Christmas Day or Boxing day wedding. You may find it hard to get a registrar at the time you want. (Hm..clear this with the guests first and expect to pay extra!)
  • You want a New Year’s Eve wedding or New Year’s day wedding. (see above! And take account of late nights the night before for New Years Day!)
  • An Easter Day wedding is your dream; the theme would be easy at least, that is, if you like yellow and pink chicks and bunnies. Again, fewer registrars may be available at this time.
  • The venue you want isn’t licenced. This is a whole other blog… the list is literally endless if you no longer have to worry about a licence!
  • You want to sing a hymn. Registrar ceremonies don’t allow religious content. The wedding at Stouthall the other day raised the roof with the choir when they sang Cwm Rhondda – or Bread of Heaven – it wouldn’t have been allowed had they had a registrar.
  • You want to say a prayer. Just because bride and groom don’t feel a need for religious content doesn’t mean that grandmother wouldn’t like to hear the prayer she had at her wedding.
  • Candles. I’m told candles aren’t permitted (please comment if this is wrong) at registrar ceremonies. They are fast becoming an integral part of Treasured Ceremonies’ ceremonies!
  • Seating. do you really want serried ranks of chairs? Or would you prefer a relaxed atmosphere of people sitting at the tables they’ll be at for the reception. This worked really well in a marquee I was attending the other week.
  • Alcohol. OK, No-one wants to see the guests rolling in the aisles, but I don’t have a problem if guests have a drink in their hands. Most couples opt to make them wait… but it’s your choice!

Iechyd da!

Christmas image courtesy of Apolonia at FreeDigitalPhotos.net