Hi, I’m Helen

I’m owner and founder of Treasured Ceremonies. I’ve lived in West Wales for the last nineteen years, and have been a celebrant here for the last seven or so. Last year, I even picked up some ceremonies in France – so I’ve gone global! (-ish)

However, life has been getting complicated, what with ceremonies moving due to Covid and the uncertainty of the world right now. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still utterly in love with my wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, vow renewals and funeral ceremonies. I’m just struggling to be in two or three places at once.

So, to share the love, “I” have become “we” – I’m a team! Jodie, Clare and Lynda have joined me to help pick up ceremonies that I cannot do for whatever reason. Scroll down to learn more about them both.

About me; I’ve come to this “Celebrant thing” via a very circuitous route. Having worked in various industries and loved sport (hobby athlete) through my life I’ve realised I’m a communicator and am only happy when working around people. And/or showing off and winning!

Have you ever had those professional reviews when you have to identify your strengths? Mine were always “You put people at their ease, they want to work with you”. Combine that with a knack for writing, and the families and couples I’ve worked with as a celebrant have found the process as fun (in the case of weddings etc) and rewarding as I have. I think you will, too.

Have a look at my wedding celebrant and naming reviews  and my funeral testimonials to see for yourself…




Introducing Jodie

I was so excited when Jodie got in touch to tell me she was living in my area and keen to join forces with me. She’s been trained by some of the best trainers, but I’ll leave her introduction to her;

“Creating lovely ceremonies for lovely people”

Behind the scenes, I am usually found with my partner on our busy organic farm, running after our equally energetic children! With a flask of tea by my side, I find peace and inspiration in the confines of my veg & petal patch, where I also grow natural confetti.

I am a cheerful, smiley lady who enjoys the simple things in life, including a good love story! Just ask me how I met my gorgeous Farmer Mike! As an independently trained wedding and family celebrant, I am excited at the prospect of narrating that beautiful love story of yours!

I will work with you to prepare a fun and heartfelt scripted ceremony; be it in a lush formal wedding venue, a gathering in your back garden, a bunting filled village hall or even on a digital platform for example.

During the build up to your day, I will happily assist with a selection of readings & ritual ideas and weave them into your ceremony. So if you want Mamgu to say a few words from your favourite poem or your best friend to perform a song, I can make this special part of the day be as creative or as formal as YOU wish.

If Jodie sounds like the kind of lady who can help bring your beautiful love story to life, please do get in touch.

This is Clare!

I’ve known Clare for many years, and would entrust any ceremony to her. She’ll make you feel so relaxed and the day will be very memorable!

I was born and raised in West Wales and feel genuinely privileged to still live in this incredibly beautiful part of the world. I’ve also raised my two children here; they are the light of my life. I trained as a sculptor in 2001, obtained a degree from the West Wales School of Art and went on to set up a home-based studio. One of the highlights of my continuing practice was a show in Los Angeles in 2014. I have always written poetry and essays on various subjects and in 2005 began a parallel career in performance poetry. This quickly lead on to stand-up comedy. In 2015 took my own solo show to the Edinburgh Fringe where it received two 5-star reviews. I’ve even had the pleasure of touring with Phil Jupitus and John Cooper-Clark!

Communicating with people is “what I do” whether through the spoken word, written word or sculpture. So, when Helen came and asked me to train as a celebrant it felt like a natural progression from my career as a performer. I pride myself on being able to really listen to people and adapt myself to whatever the circumstances. I love making people laugh, smile and reminisce. It has felt an honour to be present at such poignant moments in the lives of families with whom I have had the pleasure of working. I strongly believe in the power of ceremony as a marker of monumental times in our lives. I will always do my utmost to create a beautiful, memorable celebration tailored to each individual and their respective needs and wishes.

This is Lynda!

Lynda is based a little further East than the rest of us, it must be something about living in West Wales that brings out the nature lovers in us…read on!

Hi! My name’s Lynda and it’d be a delight to help you create your perfect day… But I guess you’d probably like to know a little about me first.
Well, I’m in my 50’s, love kitchen dancing, a good glass of fizz and Sundays; my favourite day of the week (fresh coffee, the radio… and relax!) I live in the woods and am very connected to nature, although growing my own veg is both my greatest triumph, and my biggest frustration… I love going to gigs and festivals when I can, and having a good old splash about in the sea…. Still there? Good🙂
When it comes to being a celebrant, I’ve always been a people person and get such a buzz from helping people. I had a funny day dream 10 years ago about being officiating a wedding; and try as I might, I just couldn’t shake it. I continued to work in my then career (support worker with trauma, addiction and mental health, as well as volunteering as a counsellor) for a few more years before the itch to train got so big it could no longer be ignored… So here I am, ready and waiting to help you make your most gorgeous memories


Treasured Ceremonies’ Values

The values we bring to this business are:

Have fun. We only come this way once.

Value everybody’s opinion and their take on life

Take care of others, look after look after our own physical and mental well being

So, no matter whether you want to have a very simple ceremony with a “traditional” feel or whether you want to completely reinvent the wheel, let’s do it!

Why have a Treasured Ceremonies Celebrant?

In each of our ceremonies, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, renewal of vows, naming, renaming, celebration of life (funeral), memorial or any other, we aim to get the mood “just right”. It’s unlikely that I’ll ask you if you want a “funny”, “romantic”, or “serious” ceremony, we’ll generally pick up what’s right for you from the chat we’ll be having before creating the script.

Thank of us as a kind of mirror. On your wedding day, we’ll be reflecting your story, your hopes for the future and the joy of the occasion onto you, your family and friends. The reflection will be of you, since on the day, “my” style” is “your” style!

On the day of your loved one’s funeral, again we’ll be reflecting your thoughts and feelings, what you loved and what you’ll miss. Maybe even what the person has given you to take on with you through life. 

What do we do?

Wedding Ceremonies & Renewal of Vows

When I create a ceremony around your partnership, I will write the script with and about you. I can use symbolism, or rituals, to demonstrate your relationships with each other and with your family and friends. More about your wedding or partnership ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies

I have two children myself, and recognise the joy of introducing your little one to your wider family and friends. If you have a baby, or adopt a new member into your family, allow me to create a “naming”, or “welcoming” ceremony. This is a wonderful way to show those you love how much this new person means to you. More about a naming ceremony here.

Funeral Ceremonies

A funeral or memorial ceremony is a time to reflect on the memories you have of a loved one. As a qualified celebrant, I visit you and take time to understand your needs. There is no template or book from which I copy and paste a “service”; it’s all based on our conversations. Click here for more information.

Where can you hold your ceremony?

If you want to get married, you are required by law to have your marriage registered by a certified registrar. In the same way, a death needs to be registered, as does a birth. However, there are no legal implications on who can conduct the ceremony attached to any of these events. Many couples choose, therefore, to have a relatively quiet marriage ceremony at the register office. Then they have their big ceremony at a venue of their choice. This building can be registered for weddings or not, outside or inside, public (with permission if necessary) or private. A world of choice suddenly opens up. I can talk to you about alternative funeral arrangements such as natural burial. This can be carried out at a natural burial site or on private land. Please read my blog here. I have worked throughout West Wales which means that as well as guiding you through your ceremony, I can help you look for the ideal venue through my contacts in tourism and local trade. If you don’t live in the area, but like many people have decided to have your wedding celebration here, contact me. I can introduce you to a wide variety of local traders whether they be caterers, cake decorators or venue dressers.

Are you ready to create a unique ceremony?

I promise today to be your best friend, your companion and your number one, the Han Solo to your Leia.

I will be there for you through the good times, amazing times & awesome times. But importantly the difficult times

I vow to love you no less than I love the dog

I promise that I will never take you for granted, and always hold your hand

You are everything I always wanted, but all the things I never knew I needed. Simply put, loving you altered my chemistry.

Let's create special memories together

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