Funeral Testimonials

Hi Helen we would like to thank you for the lovely service you done for my dad and being there for us. We had lots of messages last night saying how wonderful the service was. Thanks again, Sarah.

Michael Mace, December 2017

Dear Helen, On behalf of myself and my family may I thank you very much for the way you helped to steer us through a difficult time at Rhian’s funeral on Friday.
Given the many events of Rhian’s life, some of which are on the dark side, I must admit I was quite intrigued as to how you would weave it all together in a celebratory way.
But I needn’t have worried as you conducted a brilliant service, which was clear , concise and befitting of the occasion and all achieved in that narrow time frame that we talked about!
I was personally overwhelmed at the crematorium by the many kind words and tributes paved by Rhian’s friends and associates, and your service certainly reflected Rhian’s life in the way they would remember her best. Does that make sense? It does to me anyway.
Once again, many warm thanks for your sterling efforts, Helen, good luck and good health
Andy Wood
Rhian Wood, November 2017

Flowers can speak as loud as words!

These were sent to me after the funeral of a man who died suddenly whilst on holiday. Sad times, and very difficult for the family. His widow sent me these to show her gratitude.

Flowers from Sheila

Bernard Courney

Dear Helen,

As a family we wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful and such personal celebration that you led for our Auntie Lynda. You relieved all our apprehension, you were so friendly and professional, it felt like we had known you for years. You captured all the special memories we shared with you so precisely and fondly. We can’t thank you enough for everything you did to make the day a true and wonderful celebration of Lynda’s life. Please keep in touch, and thank you again, with love,
Denise, Mandy & Nicky

Lynda Pikal September 2017

Dear Helen
I wanted to thank you for helping us celebrate my Dad’s life last Wednesday. I have been inundated with positive comments from family and friends about how much they enjoyed the tribute to him. When you visited us a few days before it was immediately clear that we had made the perfect choice in which to say goodbye to my father.
Once again many thanks and all the very best for the future.
Gareth and family.
Dear Helen
I just wanted to thank you so much for being the celebrant at my father’s funeral yesterday. I know that Gareth had every confidence in you after you met him last week and it was well-founded.  I really wanted to meet you with him but it just could not be.
I so appreciate the thought and effort that you put into the eulogy and the calm and sensitive way that you delivered it. I particularly liked the Dryden that you added in. My father would have been particularly pleased that a woman was the celebrant- he had very clear views about equality too.
Once again, thank you very much
Stewart Jones
John Albert Jones July 2017

A wonderful wonderful celebration of my husbands life. Helen was truly amazing. Talented, efficient, loving, friendly, and so supportive. It made the day so special. I have had letters after letters raving about the day. I cannot recommended her highly enough.

Sincere thanks

Colin Elphick June 2017

Just wanted to reiterate my sincere thanks for your contribution to Friday’s service. It really was everything we could have wished for dad; I’m sure that he would have approved 100% of the content and tone of the service. We received so many compliments on the success of the day and much of that was down to your calming supervision of proceedings and your sensitive and appropriate choice of words. I am certain that for many of the congregation it was the first time to experience a non-religious service, but I am also sure that it will have opened their eyes to an alternative means of saying goodbye to a loved one. I do hope that you get lots more inquiries as a result; I’m sure that your services will be in demand.


Inevitably for all of us in the immediate family, there is a tremendous feeling of relief as well as a tangible sense of closure at getting to the end of the funeral service. However, the net result was not just relief, but also great satisfaction and happiness in the knowledge that we had fulfilled dad’s wishes so completely (with the exception of the cardboard box, that is). All that I can say is, thank you so much for all your help in making that happen.


Sincere thanks

Leighton Crook March 2017

Dear Helen,

I just wanted to write a short note to thank you for everything you did yesterday and those days before.

I was floundering somewhat before we met at Starbucks and having your experience and calm just helped me to focus on the task and send Kathy away in celebration of her life, not mourning at her death.

Bruce, Usk Chase Castle Natural Burial Ground, February 2017

Dear Helen,I found myself thinking about you just now as we are about to head to Wales this weekend to scatter the ashes of my brother-in-law, Geraint Thomas, at whose funeral you officiated on July 26 in Llanelli. I have been meaning to write for an age to say thank you for the amazing job you did and how lovely it was meeting you. James, January 2017

Helen has been part of one of the most special days of our lives on our daughters naming day and now part of one of the saddest. Helen recently held the service for my Grandmothers funeral and she did so in a very compassionate and caring way. Helen was able to create a service my Grandmother would have been happy with and gave her the final dignity she deserved. We as a family are very grateful for the compassion and support you showed us during that sad time. Thank you xxxx Jess, October 2016

I am just writing to thank you on behalf of Sarah Lewis and Jessica for conducting the service of their Mother and Grandmother. Although a small service you made it dignified and warm. I think it must be harder performing your duties to a small group than a large group.

Sarah and Family were very happy with the service and went with her Mothers wishes. Once again thank you for your kindness.

Owen Williams, September 2016

I never got chance to thank you for conducting the ceremony for Simon. It was very well thought of by friends, family and myself. Many people were able to watch the funeral online and we’re glad that they could do so. My daughter in Houston and Simon’s former colleagues were very grateful for the opportunity and everyone said how lovely and appropriate it was. Robert’s anecdotes were very precious. Rosemary May, July 2016

I have no doubt that my mum would have enjoyed meeting you and been pleased that you as a woman had conducted her funeral service. All the family are grateful for the gentle grace, dignity and insight that your presence brought to the day, God Bless you and Thank you. S Turner, January 2015

Thank you again for all your hard work, patience, understanding and kindness that you displayed throughout your time with all my family  You were a pillar of strength and inspiration at a time when I felt that all I had in the world was gone. I felt we ‘jelled’ straightaway. It was your ability to relate to my emotional state and allow me to express myself orally and in writing. You then took my words and put them in a way that I hadn’t thought of but surprised me because it was much more akin to what I felt. You conveyed the exact essence of my departed loved one. E Horne, February 2015

Your organisational and public-speaking skills were acutely apparent. You conducted the service with the utmost dignity and sensitivity. I am still getting compliments about the funeral being the nicest, most intimate and personal funeral that people have experienced. I would just like to thank you again for what was a service that far exceeded my expectations. From the start when my family and I were in the depths of sorrow after just losing our dad you lightened our day by allowing us to share our memories with you. The strange bit was it felt so natural and easy to share those memories with you, it almost felt like sharing them with a relative….not someone I had just meet for the first time. S Ponsford, January 2015

On behalf of my mum and family, I should like to thank you for all of your support , guidance, and assistance in the arrangement and officiating of my father’s funeral. We were made to feel very much at ease during our initial meeting with yourself and were very glad that you took the time to discuss not only my father and the funeral process but my family history and the small details that tend to humanise what would otherwise normally be quite a difficult time.

Phil Hopkins, October 2016

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