About Us

Who Am I?

My name is Helen Williams; if I told you what people know me for, do you promise it won’t put you off?

OK – I used to work to live, in that I worked in sales and used my free time and money to do sport, mostly powerlifting which is a form of weightlifting, and (to blow my own trumpet!) I became World Champion! I was also a contender on Gladiators! Remember that? I got to the semi-final as well! I also had a brief foray into body-building, but didn’t fancy the dieting!

Why have me as your Celebrant?

So, what’s that got to do with using me as a celebrant? Nothing, on the face of it! But, it lets you know that I’m confident, fun to be with, and having given up my sporting life (apart from social running etc!) can devote my time and energies to my work – aka YOUR ceremony!

I love being a celebrant because it’s brought something truly creative into my life. As I said, I tried body-building which has a performing aspect, but to be honest, I couldn’t pose for toffee! Now, whether I’m writing a script for a wedding or a funeral, I channel that same search for perfection as I used in my sport to make your occasion absolutely perfect for you.

In each of my ceremonies, whether it’s a wedding, funeral, naming or any other, I seem to find a way to get the mood “just right”. It’s unlikely that I’ll ask you if you want a “funny”, “romantic”, or “serious” ceremony, I’ll generally pick up what’s right for you from the chat we’ll be having before creating the script.

What do I do?

When I create a wedding or naming ceremony, I will write the script with and about you. I can use symbolism, or rituals, to demonstrate your relationships with each other or with your family and friends. More about your wedding ceremony.

I have two children myself, and recognise the joy of introducing your little one to your wider family and friends. If you have a baby, or adopt a new member into your family, allow me to create a “naming”, or “welcoming” ceremony. This is a wonderful way to show those you love how much this new person means to you. More about a naming ceremony here.

A funeral is a time to reflect on the memories you have of a loved one. As a qualified celebrant, I visit you and take time to understand your needs. There is no template or book from which I copy and paste a “service”; it’s all based on our conversations. Click here for more information.

What are my qualifications?

National Qualification Level 3 Diploma in Celebrancy; Namings and Couples.

National Qualification Level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy.

Both are QCF accredited qualifications.

Where can you hold your ceremony?

If you want to get married, you are required by law to have your marriage registered. In the same way, a death needs to be registered, as does a birth. However, there are  no legal implications on who can conduct the ceremony attached to any of these events. Many couples choose, therefore, to have a relatively quiet marriage ceremony at the register office. Then they have their big ceremony at a venue of their choice. This building can be registered for weddings or not, outside or inside, public (with permission if necessary!) or private. A world of choice suddenly opens up!

I can talk to you about alternative funeral arrangements such as natural burial. This can be carried out at a natural burial site or on private land. Please read my blog here.

I have worked throughout West Wales which means that as well as guiding you through your ceremony, I can help you look for the ideal venue through my contacts in tourism and local trade. If you don’t live in the area, but like many people have decided to have your wedding celebration here, call me! I can introduce you to a wide variety of local traders whether they be caterers, cake decorators or venue dressers.